Update: Kavanaugh's Tough Friday and Pussy Protest Blues

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It's time. A day of "destiny" (see CNN) for embattled Supreme Court nominee. As I've implied in a previous post on this matter, not much can be done on the part of the faceless masses. Rather, much depends on the senators, and especially the three swing votes that will be forced. In light of the evidence, and as I've very much concluded, the evidence that we have (much from the media) weighs in favor of Kavanaugh. Only a misguided opinion that "all women should be believed" stands in his way; yet this belief is strong, so much so that a "Pussy Protest" materialized in the Hart Senate Office Building atrium.

A span of hours decides the ideology of the apex court in the US. Beyond that, it decides whether due process and the emphasis on evidence trumps the flimsy, tortured feelings of some Leftist women.

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A picture of Amy Schumer, one of those arrested at the Hart Senate Office

As reports of the arrests made at the "Pussy Protest" make the headlines, it becomes clear how technology has led to the incredible polarization of the country. Here are celebrities with large followings pushing misguided agendas. This might have been a laudable thing, had there been any evidence for their assertions.

Amy Schumer stated: Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power.”

The underlying assumption, blatantly made, is that Kavanaugh is unequivocally guilty. Guilty as alleged, simply because of some sense of community Amy Schumer has with other women. This signals the abject failure of her powers of reasoning and logic. It arises out of the pithy slogan "believe women", as if such a phrase should be taken at face value at the expense of all else.

Man's conscience dictates that this position should be categorically rejected. Women are as capable of evil, of lies and deception, as any man. As a fundamental tenet of equality, it is a wonder why such a thing even has to be stated.

The issue is that such perspectives are being passed down an increasingly aggressive Leftist agenda, shorn of their ability for reasoning. The Democrat Senators might know what they are doing, since their decision would probably be based off of their political agenda (as the Republican decision is). 

Yet the masses only see the surface. The FBI report is confidential and in the face of conflicting statements as to its veracity (see the tweet), no one can know for sure the extent of politicking behind the scenes. The masses, mostly made up of Leftists in this specific instance, are being mobilized in the face of confidentiality, where Democrat Senators can simply characterize the FBI report however they would like without repercussions.



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