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Mood Shifts and History - Learning from Trump

Pay attention to the following paragraph, written in a CNN article : "Less than two weeks ago, foreign diplomats at the United Nations laughed at Trump when he boasted about the historic sweep of his presidency -- and there was no doubt that he was, as usual, exaggerating." This was juxtaposed against Trump's recent 'wins' in the political and economic departments, that is, in the Kavanaugh scandal and his proclamation of having presided over the "best jobs data in 49 years". This adds to his already impressive achievements in foreign policy (see North Korea-South Korea conciliation , among others). Stephen Collinson goes on to opine in that article that one can no longer deny that "something significant" is taking place to change the country. I agree with the Collinson's latter pronouncement. There is no doubt at all that President Trump has been a 'President of consequence'. It is another question altogether (and it

Update: Kavanaugh's Tough Friday and Pussy Protest Blues

It's time. A day of "destiny" (see CNN ) for embattled Supreme Court nominee. As I've implied in a previous post on this matter, not much can be done on the part of the faceless masses. Rather, much depends on the senators, and especially the three swing votes that will be forced. In light of the evidence, and as I've very much concluded, the evidence that we have (much from the media) weighs in favor of Kavanaugh. Only a misguided opinion that "all women should be believed" stands in his way; yet this belief is strong, so much so that a " Pussy Protest " materialized in the Hart Senate Office Building atrium. A span of hours decides the ideology of the apex court in the US. Beyond that, it decides whether due process and the emphasis on evidence trumps the flimsy, tortured feelings of some Leftist women.


Justice is politicized in America. When accusations fly, public discourse frequently devolves into a shouting match where truth is put in service of a broader, political goal. So it is in the latest situation boring its way through the foundations of a purportedly 'democratic' society built upon notions of due process. Your immediate question is: "What's your angle? Who do you support? What's the  politics  behind your answer?" There are two points to consider: (1)Is Kavanaugh guilty of sexual misconduct; and (2)How would this influence social politics in the country?