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Cereals in Rome: A Vignette

Picture: A Modern Rendition of the Retiarus (I have not been able to find the owner/creator of the picture; if you are the owner, please email with proof) Corn (maize, not the corn of the Mediterranean, which was wheat) is everywhere, and in this age, makes up much of us . It is as good a starting point as any, giving rise to the first question, so suggestive of a long journey - how did our relationship to agriculture arise? - a journey which leads, in the end, to our questioning the politics of food, which today is played by fitness influencers, states and scientists. But that is getting ahead of oneself, for this article is only about '[c]ereals, vines and olives' (Peter Garnsey,  Food and Society in Classical Antiquity,  pg 13, citing Braudel).

AGŌN has been released 16 May 2023!

Release Date AGŌN will be available in Print (KDP print-on-demand) and E-Book form on 2 April 2023 (AGŌN has been released 16 May 2023). Remember to leave a review!  Edit: Publication date pushed back to 16 May 2023 . Edit:  AGŌN has been published! Get your Kindle copy now at  this link ! Synopsis A new and powerful technology resurrects a long-dead warrior from the distant past, triggering a deadly game of corporate politics. As shadowy schemes spiral out of control, the ensuing bedlam upends life on the crowning achievement of corporatist innovation - Iceberg City. In the thick of confusion, fundamental values bend and then break as each player jostles, lies, cheats and kills for profit. But from within the tortured life of 'utility' emerges the ancient call towards the self-determination of meaning - a call which harbours inevitable self-destruction. "Agōn" is a post-modernist dark fantasy set in a science-fiction world where untrammelled human competition culmi

Masculinity - Competition, Conflict, Catastrophe

Modern society has over many generations feminised large proportions of men and put them into bonded servitude to the State. An epidemic of mind-poisons rages amongst the dilapidated tenements of civilisation, turning people (to a large extent men: hikikomori, incel, NEET, karyu shakai) victims of their Selves . Many mechanisms work together to create this outcome, and not all of them are coordinated by a centralised authority - thus, the 'matrix' narrative propounded by would-be Andrew Tates have to be mercilessly critiqued. But instead of being critiqued, Tate himself has been strong-armed into oblivion, a mis-step than can only serve to propound his ideology further. What critiques there exist tend to be tawdry misrepresentations of the pressing need which Tate has come to service. Much that Tate says has ancient pedigree, and is reasonably wise; much that Tate says also, is a function of a cynical politics that should be recognised as-such  (this particular critique will

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and the Sufi Path of Annihilation: Multiplicity and Convolution

Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī   was a Persian poet who lived during the 13th Century AD, whose philosophy of transcendence of the Self (a transcendence through annihilation, according to the practice of Itlaq Yolu : (i) zikr , (ii) fasting, (iii) mental suffering and (iv) discussion, (iv) being of least importance) holds some depth. Much has been said about his mysticism, but to my mind his poetic explorations of the meandering human spirit and its capacity to travel through and ultimately transcend the unlimited layers of limited perception (as Nevit O. Ergin puts it in "The Sufi Path of Annihilation") are bound to one direction: the submersion of faculty in multiplicity and convolution. A deep consideration of these ideas is certain to deepen any philosophy; a shallow consideration of these ideas is certain to delude.