Box Office Numbers Show the Failure of Kathleen Kennedy

Star Wars continues its line of SJW movies with the most recent Solo: A Star Wars Story, riding on a purported wave of success starting from The Force Awakens. All signs point however to the fact that this wave is flagging, as the novelty of a “rejuvenated” Star Wars franchise wears off and weary fans lament the lack of faithfulness to the source material. Hardly surprising, given rumours of Kathleen Kennedy’s pronouncements dismissing the support of male fans. While it is unclear just how true these rumours might be, the fact of the matter is that these rumours have gained traction and caused a fan backlash. The first Star Wars movie in 10 years – The Force Awakens – might have been buoyed by fan anticipation and nostalgia, but that repository of potential sales has been progressively sapped by consecutive movies ham-fistedly pushing the well-worn narrative of inclusiveness and diversity. As I have discussed in previous articles, this is reflective of insidious politically correct perspectives which ultimately sap a culture’s strength and emasculates the virility of their men (see Nevertheless, the commercial difficulties of facing Solo gives one some hope that politically correct ideologies might still be rolled back, its detriments rectified.

A quick survey of the numbers show the extent of the commercial problems facing Solo (see: To quote the Bleeding Fool article:
Estimates for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” are continuing to go lower and lower. Disney and Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars” prequel is now looking to make $100 million or less in nearly 4,400 North American theatres during its four-day holiday weekend debut. The Han Solo origin film’s three-day estimate currently hovers around $83 million. Internationally, it opened with a disappointing $65 million for a worldwide three-day weekend of $148 million.

Comparing apples-to-apples, here are the three-day openings…
Solo: $92 million
The Last Jedi: $220 million
Rogue One: $155 million
Objectively speaking, Solo is doing the worse out of any of the new Star Wars films, with some saying that it might do worse than even the prequels. But that’s all about the box office – what do audiences think about it? The current Rotten Tomatoes rating is 60% ( and does not seem to have any prospect of improving. All in all, this seems to be an underwhelming foray into the Star Wars universe, aimed at being a cash grab while simultaneously alienating long-time fans. It is clear that Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson among others have absolutely no idea of the love fans had for the original characters, having in fact spewed vitriol against long-time ‘male’ fans whom should not be ‘catered’ to.

What of the politically correct shenanigans hamfisted into the film? While Han Solo is the lead (who would’ve thought – a white male!), famous supporting character Lando Calrissian is a pansexual. Solo is bossed around by a female. The only saving grace is perhaps the fact that the robotic rants of L3-37 are not taken seriously at all - just as the choleric tantrums of feminist-regressives should be ignored. However, as Spike Valentine ( suggests, this might have been because the film was originally meant to be 'anti-SJW' by its original directors. No doubt this and other 'creative differences' was what gave the impetus for Kathleen Kennedy to fire directorial duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller just as they were nearing production.

As a result, Solo is the prime example of a movie pushing the political agenda of a misguided SJW. However, Kathleen Kennedy is not alone in constantly forcing diversity down the throat of a moviegoing audience, if Ocean’s 8 trailer is anything to go by (see the trailer here: The point is that movies are a big part of culture and their influenced is buttressed by a multi-billion-dollar industry; it is no wonder that politically correct ideologues have attempted to hijack these important means of communication to emasculate a whole generation of moviegoers.

It is of note that Solo follows from the colossal mess that was The Last Jedi. That latter movie disrespected a cultural icon – Luke Skywalker – in the hopes of portraying the new, supposedly more perfect female character as the true centre of the franchise. Rey is apparently the poster girl for the stark message: “The force is female”, trumpeted around by proud SJWs and spineless soyboys. It is blatantly obvious that playing identity politics has become more important to Lucasfilm than actually making good movies. 

Solo must be an abject failure, as all true fans agree, if Star Wars is to be saved. Analogously, politically correct creations must be excised from society if it is to regain its health – if men are to continue being men and women, women. A pity both ends are not yet in sight.

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